Learning How To Give A Fresh New Look To My Oldie Windows XP Machine

Fire In The Desktop

Image by kardboard604 via Flickr

Alright, I may not be a downright techie. Or rather, I’d proudly say I’m a noob. Yes, I really am. Can you imagine I didn’t know how to recover from a failed installation of Windows XP? (yeah, I’m still on XP, another proof of my geekery, or the lack of it)

I have quite a lot of friends on Twitter. Yeah. Twitter’s the second thing I love after my bed. Absolutely addicted. Okay, well, that’s not the point. What I wanted to say was that most of them run Windows 7 on their machines. And I, along with one or two (or some) of my friends are still on the decade old XP, not even Vista. So in effect, I’m two generations behind them, which, if you ask me, is quite a lot. And it’s very shameful as well. No, XP works. But that’s not the point right? It’s about being up-to-date. And in this world where every other day there is a new technology, a new update every 12 hours, running a decade old OS is quite a shame. It really is. And so I decided to pimp my oldie goldie XP running machine.

Here’s what I got –

  1. Rainmeter, from Rainmeter.net. Click here if you’d want to download it right away! Note that it’s a stable release, not the latest Beta.
  2. Omnimo UI. It’s an awesome skin by @fediaFedia. Get the skin from here. You can also find awesome support over at fediaFedia’s deviantART here
  3. Rocketdock and a docklet – Leopord by Andoru. Both are awesome! More on customizing the dock later, otherwise I may just confuse the hell out of you!
Now, after you get both the files, first install Rainmeter. After you’re done, install Omnimo 3.1. Follow the on-screen instructions. Believe me, it’s really simple even for starters. If you’re a noob, like me, you’ll rejoice noting how simple it is.
Note that I closely follow the smart phone OSs at Androsym.com, so I quite like Windows Phone’s Metro UI. Omnimo UI 3.1 is based on the same Metro UI. So much so that even the font used in Windows Phone is exactly what’s being used in Omnimo (segoe.ttf). It looks gorgeous, as you’ll see in the screenshots below.
After you’re done setting Omnimo, you can go ahead and customize it to your heart’s content. Add tiles, feeds, website shortcuts and what not!
On a side note, I found Omnimo 3.1 to be the most extensive, providing a lot of options, variations in the tiles, etc and still managing to be simple, easy to use. Highly recommended.
These are some screenshots of my desktop to give you an idea how it actually looks –
So yeah, how does it look? Quite good? Or awesome? Oh well, let me know! You’re also welcome to share your screenshots below, in the comments section!

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