1 down, 6 to go!

Hmm yeah, my exams have started today. Exams? What exams? IPCC!! Freaky. Kinda. Well, exams are always like that, aren’t they?

The first one was Accounting. The next – law. Done with half of the next exam, but a major part of it is still left, with the paper scheduled the day after tomorrow. Some time still left. That’s not freaky. What is freaky is that I have absolutely no idea what am I gonna do about the Third and the Fifth paper. No idea at all about those two! The rest is almost done, though. But that’s not gonna help and that is what is freaking me out at the moment. Added to that, I’m lazy.On top of it, very high expectations that people have. Oh man, it’s scarier than that moment when India was almost about to lose to Pakistan in the Final of the First Twenty-20 World cup. Duh.

I have a quick recipe for that though – studying all the simple stuff and leaving the rest. But for that, I’d need to have my freaking notes in place, which is not the case. Oh well. Tragedy.

May God be with me.


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