The Search Begins For A Pet Dog!

I may just seem to be out of this world when you read what I just said. But well, I am looking for a nice pet dog for myself. And my family. My Mom, especially. And to begin with, I am as clueless as anyone could get. To start with, I know a few breed names. Labrador, German Shepherd and Pug. That is just about it. And I’d confess I don’t know really how either of them look like. So yeah, I am really clueless.

I could as well ask Google, but I’d rather blog and see what response I get. So what do you think would make a good pet? I need it for my Mom to feel secure (there have been some rogue incidents in our otherwise peaceful colony, of late) and for me and my brother to spend some time with. Any breed which does not require a lot of attention and/or needs a ‘lot’ of maintenance would be the preferred option.

And oh, thanks in advance if you took the time to read and/or help me! 🙂


What do you think?

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