Dealing With Annoying People

There are certainly a lots of annoying people out there. And they can get super annoying, at times. So… how is one supposed to deal with them at all? How? I have these 13 ways to deal with them. Give it a go, use these ‘methods’ mentioned below. Don’t worry, it is guaranteed it won’t do you any harm. Lets start, shall we?

Ways to piss annoying people –

  • Keep suggesting stuff.
  • Have an extremist behaviour towards them. Overwhelm them. Take them by surprise.
  • Keep pointing out every single mistake they commit (or are likely to commit).
  • If they try to annoy you, ‘Like’ or ‘+1’ their comment or ‘RT’ their tweet/mention. They’ll be even more annoyed knowing they couldn’t annoy you.
  • Use ‘Lol’ and the likes accompanied by a ‘:)’ as much as you can.
  • Never ever let them know that they annoy you. Sometimes it’s good not to be natural.
  • Never let them know you’re smart. Act noob. When they boast about their mojo, beat them with your hitherto unknown knowledge.
  • Otherwise, act as a nutcase. They, the so-called pros, will be so haunted, they’ll never dare to even think about explaining you again.
  • Agree with ‘everything’ they say. Let them think you’re fool. They won’t take the risk to indulge in conversing with you in the future.
  • Stay calm even if the other person is as stupid as one can possibly be.
  • Don’t let them know you’re being sarcastic.
  • Troll them all the way to glory. That should haunt them even in their sleep.
  • Ignore. Learn to say no. They’ll sulk that they couldn’t do it.

Be good to good people, and annoy the hell outta annoying people. It is known to be beneficial both in the long-term and the short-term. Tit for tat is a fair, but not every wannabe smartass’s game. Just play it wisely.


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