Do you celebrate your friendship today?

So, today is Friendship day. And as expected, I got shit loads of messages, got tagged in some “I don’t know much about him” ‘s album on Facebook, got tons of notifications, too. And I ‘hope’ you had been remembered as much or more than I was.

Well, here’s a question – do you think it is ok that your so-called friends remember you ‘only’ today? Friendship day apart, is it ok if your friends remember you once a year?

I haven’t replied to any one of those wishes yet. I want to prove a point – only wishing someone on a particular day does not make you a friend. It is being honest that does. Doing so makes me feel it is all hollow. That the only thing that keeps us together is one day. Yes, one single day, out of the 365 days. Worth it? No. Not to me, certainly. True friends will find it out, the others, they’ll keep wishing you year after year.

Wishing just for the sake of it… stupidity.


One thought on “Do you celebrate your friendship today?

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