Hey… Let Me Copy You

copy cat Hey look there, yes, you. I’m going to copy you. I know you have a product in the market that’s extremely successful, and I’m greedy enough to, you know, go ahead and launch a competing product, that, you know, is a bit of a rip off of your’s. Well, I can’t let you claim all success for your own effort, right? So yes, I’ll copy the best aspects of your ‘super successful’ product, give it a confusing name, launch a variety of variants of the same, so I can confuse the hell out of you too, and hit you under the belly at the same time.

Also, I expect you not to, you know, go to courts and seek valid injunctions that ask me to stop selling my ‘own’ product, although both you and I know that it’s a rip off of your’s, and that you are only being fair.

I know I’m cheating, but guess what, I’m lazy enough not to hire enough designers. Also, it is my topmost desire to cause you unnecessary trouble. Competition? What competition? Selling a rip off is fair, dude. I don’t want to waste time innovating, I’ll leave that to you and your designers.

Now please, spare me the drudgery, I’m on a mission – to COPY you and the others and dominate the world.


What do you think?

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