How Independent Are We?

A day after the 65th Independence day of my nation, India, I’m left to wonder, how independent are we? Or rather, are we really independent?

Obviously, I’ve not experience the English ‘tyranny’ rule, but surely, from what I hear and see, it seems, the current Indian government is no better. Better civilized, but not any more humane.

Anna Hazare, the old Gandhian who came out in protest against the rampant corruption in the political class, has just been arrested and sent to jail for 7 days. Why? He was against corruption. And India, the world’s largest democracy, probably houses the largest number or corrupt politicians as well. What Anna ji demanded was a simple Jan Lokpal bill to wipe out the corrupt, but well, he got arrested. That, on the orders of the government. Why? He was leading the protest. He was asking the common man to join. The common man did join. He came out in the open, finally. There was a leader, to lead them, to guide them, to ensure sanity prevails. The government didn’t like this. It was scared. Their pretence of being the good people was finally busted when they opposed Anna’s valid demands. Those demands would have made every man in the political system responsible, answerable. Congress didn’t like it. But it kept pretending that it was doing for the public good. This pretence got busted today, when Anna ji was arrested. Hello Emergency.

Where is the right to freedom of speech and expression?

Where is the right against exploitation?

Also, the Indian government has recently decided to monitor what you post on Twitter and Facebook. Invades privacy, but if that is used to prevent terrorist attacks, all power to the government. But, if they misuse their power and create problems to people who have an anti stance against the government, doom entails.

Spread the word. Do your bit. Let us wipe out corruption. And the corrupt. Let’s make India corruption free. At least, let us do whatever little we can. Jaago re!


What do you think?

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