How relevant are Opinions in a Smartphone review?

I’m a blogger in my free time. What do I blog about? The smartphone industry. Hence, I also review smartphones.

I’m quite a newbie, to be frank. I’m still learning things, making amends if I’m not right in some areas, and trying to cope up with other stuff. However, I’m pretty clear in my head as to what/how a phone should be reviewed.

Or rather, what constitutes a good review.

That’s because, I am a layman. Probably of the ‘If I use it, I should know about it’ type. You can call me a layman who just is a bit too much into smartphones. I’m in no way a geek – I’ll fiddle with stuff, but not a lot.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the main point – should a review of a phone also include the reviewer’s opinion?

Yes. Very much so.

Why? Because laymen like me cannot decide by just looking at specs.

I’ve had a good argument over on Twitter about this, with a couple of bigshots. And one of them was strongly opinionated that phone reviews shouldn’t be opinionated. Why? Because his job is not to give opinions.

At this, I was left to wonder why in this holy world would you not give out your opinion, when that is the whole point in reviewing something?

Anyone can write about the specs. Even my 10 year old brother can. It’s similar to a waiter in a hotel giving you the menu card when you ask him which dish is good.

Heck, such reviews are not even reviews. If they were so, why do you even get the device to review? Just look at the specs on the manufacturer’s website, grab a couple of pictures of the device and voila! You’re done.

More importantly, people wouldn’t be spending a great amount of time using the review units, at all.


What do you think?

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