It’s time for celebration, not cynicism


India gained independence from the British rulers this day, in 1947. That was after a long, long struggle, and after the blood of thousands was shed. The youth and the old alike, saved us all. They gave us our independence. Without their sacrifices, we would have become just another poor nation, far from what we’ve come to see in today’s India.

Today is a celebration of the success of those martyrs. Today is a celebration of the fact that we’re free from the tyranny of those British rulers. Today is a day when we look back and salute those brave Indians. And it is time to be happy, to enjoy our freedom. It’s no time for cynicism. Sure, there will be crime, corruption and what not. But at least we’re not being ruled by anyone. We have a democratic government, and we are the largest democracy in the world. Crime and corruption are going to exist as long as the humanity exists. There has been no time in history when there was no crime or corruption. But today’s not the time to sit and whine about the situation we’re in. Today is the time to celebrate our victory.

Happy birthday, Mother India.


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