About India and the Freedom of Speech

These are testing times for India, and the Internet users, in general. And it can be scary for an average Joe to go about exercising one of the most fundamental rights as an Indian – the Freedom of Speech. The Indian Constitution guarantees this via the Right to Freedom, and it’s something which is being violated consistently, by the goons and the State.

For long now, I as an Indian, have exulted in the knowledge of the fact that I’m free to express my opinion, and at the same time, not be threatened by any person whatsoever. I could pen down my thoughts, and express myself freely without any fear, without any prior approval from any person whomsoever. But now, I’ve to constantly live under the fear of being arrested, being harassed or facing other dire consequences if I go about exercising my right which the Indian Constitution still guarantees.

It’s the section 66A of the Indian IT Act, which is basically to prevent people from sending offensive or false messages via a communications device. It seems innocent at first, but is too broad to be considered a fair law. And someone discovered it, and used it rightly to defend himself/herself. The trouble started here – though someone used it rightly, initially, the politicians, and the well-to-do people, deep under corruption and false sense of superiority, discovered it, and much to the chagrin of the normal person, they’re using it to create chaos, and to satisfy their petty egos.

The problem doesn’t lie with the law, it’s the people. Recent incidents in the country have scared me, and threaten not only mine, but every Indian’s right to express him/herself. It’s our fundamental right, and we should fight for it. What one does to someone, even in an emotional outburst, could come back to haunt him or her. Please, shed violence, even in the name of respecting anyone. Violence is not the answer, and right now, we all need to come  to pull back our nation together. India shouldn’t fall apart, it shouldn’t.

Note: I’m not naming anyone, nor do I mean to spread false information or malign anyone. I’m just expressing my opinion, and any similarity with regard to any mention of any piece of information is merely coincidental and not meant to disrespect or disregard anyone. I apologize in advance if the text above has hurt your feelings, I mean no disrespect.


What do you think?

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