Harder, Farther.

It’s amazing how things can motivate you, how they can inspire you. It can be a person, his life, his attitude, but more often than not, I’ve been inspired by things which don’t have any life in them. Things which cannot call you and scream ‘Inspiration’ until you notice them yourselves.

Sometimes you also find inspiration in places you least expect. But I guess that’s the best part of it all, eh.

I found inspiration in one such place.


On my way to work, there is this water body I cross. There is a statue in the centre, and fountains around it. These fountains are operational during the day too, and although they don’t add to the beauty as much during the day, I can’t help but notice them every time. Today was different, though.

I noticed how the the force of winds would prevent the fountain from going further up in the air. It was limiting its reach, and it’d make me think they should use more powerful machines. But I noticed one more thing – the force of the winds would result in the water falling farther from its source, extending its reach. Higher the force, farther would the water reach.

It taught me one thing. I learnt that although life is painful, it teaches you and makes you more capable with every passing moment. More the pain, more the learned person you are, at the end of a day.

I think it’s beautiful. Struggles are beautiful. I don’t get frightened at the sight of tough times ahead. I just push myself more, so I can fare better. So I can extend my reach.


What do you think?

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