Because the Obvious is beautiful, too

I have this habit of pondering over some of the most obvious things, some of the most obvious behaviors of a person or a process. I do this every now and then, and I do it repeatedly. And I can’t help it. I just find it beautiful, how things behave, how things work, even if they are pretty obvious, even if they’re simple.

Did you ever sit down, and think how cold the environment becomes once the sun sets? How it would be amazing if it remained this way? Of course, we would all die, but that’s not the point. The mere fact that the sun gives life to us all, and its absence for a few hours cools down the earth so much? It’s amazing.

Have you ever wondered how fountains are beautiful? They rise and they fall. The boring way of understanding it would be saying “Hey that’s only gravity at work.”. Take that out of the equation, and just wonder how it shows that if there’s a rise, there will be a fall. Where there’s happiness, sadness will follow. The fountain rises again, and it does so because of a force that works on it to let it reach its heights. If you’re going through a phase of sadness, you’ll have to work to snap out of it. If there wouldn’t have been a force acting on the fountain, it wouldn’t rise again. If you don’t work to solve your problems, you’re not going to get out of sadness.

Nature teaches you in every way it can. You just have to see it.


What do you think?

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