How To (Mis)Manage Your Business’ Reputation


Like a fish out of water. Out of nowhere, Mr. Arindam Chaudhari of IIPM, got about 79 webpages blocked. All these pages were critical of his business, IIPM. Some of those were satirical posts, but the rest were highlighting their experience with the said institute. In India, everyone has freedom of speech, and everyone can rightly point out their experiences with any business, institute etc on the Internet.

So they did.

And it angered Mr. Arindam, driving him to conclude that it is hurting his business. And so he got those pages blocked. At some point of time, he attacked bloggers, and said they should be hanged. He did. At least if we’re to trust this post.

One wonders how much these blog posts hurt his business, but one thing is for sure – it’s hurting IIPM’s reputation far more than these blog posts did.

Self destruction for the fucking win.


What do you think?

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