Careful Consideration

The Verge, regarding the naming of the Lumia by Nokia:

While naming its bright and colorful line of Windows Phone devices Lumia may have been an accidentally apt decision, it wasn’t perfect, and more careful consideration may have revealed the fact that the name colloquially means “prostitute” in Spanish.

This translates into the said word in a dialect that’s not widely used even in Spain, let alone elsewhere.

Perhaps a more careful consideration would have revealed the fact that The Verge translates to “the genitals” in French.

Good of the commento(e?)rs ripping them apart.


How To (Mis)Manage Your Business’ Reputation


Like a fish out of water. Out of nowhere, Mr. Arindam Chaudhari of IIPM, got about 79 webpages blocked. All these pages were critical of his business, IIPM. Some of those were satirical posts, but the rest were highlighting their experience with the said institute. In India, everyone has freedom of speech, and everyone can rightly point out their experiences with any business, institute etc on the Internet.

So they did.

And it angered Mr. Arindam, driving him to conclude that it is hurting his business. And so he got those pages blocked. At some point of time, he attacked bloggers, and said they should be hanged. He did. At least if we’re to trust this post.

One wonders how much these blog posts hurt his business, but one thing is for sure – it’s hurting IIPM’s reputation far more than these blog posts did.

Self destruction for the fucking win.

Microsoft: Pay $40, Get Windows 8 Pro

Nope. I’m not lying, joking or stuff. Microsoft just announced that you’ll be able to get the Pro edition of Windows 8* for just $40. It’s the best/top edition of Windows 8 you can buy, and to know that the best edition will cost almost 20% of what Windows 7 Ultimate currently costs, is a great news. Fabulous, actually.

Hopefully, this means that there will be considerably fewer people pirating. I know, paying that much for Windows will make you seem like a fool, but it shouldn’t, anymore.

*there are four editions – Windows 8, Pro, RT and Enterprise. You can buy only Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Windows RT will come pre-installed on tablets, and Enterprise will be available only through volume licensing.


I stumbled across a rather beautiful collection of the ‘Supermoon’ pictures from ’round the world. And I thought I’d share it with you all. What better way than to blog it, eh? 😉

Here, The Atlantic has a rather nice collection. You can view the pics in 1024px or 1280px, download them, and set them as you wallpaper. An example below –

  • Supermoon! (

Lets Not Turn This Anti-Corruption Movement Into A Circus

Manmohan Singh, current prime minister of India.

Image via Wikipedia

India is currently in a crisis. Not that the crisis has fallen upon the country all of a sudden. It is a result of various factors, accumulating over the years. Corruption is being highlighted as the main issue, and yes, it is an issue. People are coming out in the open, supporting the Anna ‘Anti Corruption Crusade’ Hazare. The man deserves respect. I cannot express it. Words are failing me. But… with this, come the opportunists. Like Baba Ramdev. Like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. And a chance to the psychopaths to abuse the Prime Minister.

Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are both Hindu religious teachers. Baba Ramdev… the coward he is, he escaped arrest by dressing as a woman. He wants to enter into politics. He is corrupt, and he, wants to save his arse, and is using this opportunity.

The Anna camp, on the other side… all they are demanding is… having their version of Jan Lokpal Bill tabled in the Parliament. Fair demand. The government opposed to it. Irate citizens took to Social Media to vent their ire. They abused the Prime Minister. And that is what propelled me to blog about it. Tell me, what are you achieving by abusing a PM? You are only creating a bad impression about a man who you can only dream to be like.

If Indians remember, he is the person who quietly changed the face of India. And India is, in a way, less corrupt, because of the same man. The Industrial Policy Resolution, 1991, changed the way the world looked at India. Wait. There’s a very recent incident. India, 20 years back, had to borrow an amount from International Monetary Fund, to avert a crisis. Our Balance of Payments were not balanced at all. Circa 20 years, we donated a whopping $2 Billion to the IMF to fund bailouts in Europe. A donation from a developing nation to a union of developed nation – pretty much says it all. We have arrived. And the credit goes to Manmohan Singh for that. Others played their part too, but his role was pivotal, as the Finance Minister in 1991.

Coming back, the irate citizens, are abusing such a man. Look, people, he is not really powerful. He has a government to run, ensuring there isn’t chaos. He has a coalition to respect, so that the government keeps running and there is some sort of order in the country. Sure, the time is running out, but he will do it. Sooner or later. If he doesn’t, someone else will. But at the moment, he needs to make sure the country doesn’t fall apart – to opportunists like Ramdev. He needs to make sure it doesn’t fall in wrong hands. He is doing a splendid job. You abusers, aren’t. I bet, you are more corrupt than him. I know you download torrents. You use cracked stuff. And that is also corruption. First put your own house in order, and then talk about others.

Coming back to Anna Hazare camps’ demands – absolutely fair. Absolutely. The government needs to table it in the parliament. It should. Corruption is rampant in India, and there is no hiding about it. But well… all I ask is, be sensible. Be civilized, people. Don’t do anything that harms the image of the country. Look at what happened in the UK. You wouldn’t want that to happen. Place your demands, you have every right to, but, be a man. A man of your words. And logical. Practical, too.

Swami Ramdev is a sham, and I don’t support him. Anna Hazare, you have all my support. May better sense prevail.

PS: The ones who are abusing the PM, they should read this – Industrial Policy 1991

How Independent Are We?

A day after the 65th Independence day of my nation, India, I’m left to wonder, how independent are we? Or rather, are we really independent?

Obviously, I’ve not experience the English ‘tyranny’ rule, but surely, from what I hear and see, it seems, the current Indian government is no better. Better civilized, but not any more humane.

Anna Hazare, the old Gandhian who came out in protest against the rampant corruption in the political class, has just been arrested and sent to jail for 7 days. Why? He was against corruption. And India, the world’s largest democracy, probably houses the largest number or corrupt politicians as well. What Anna ji demanded was a simple Jan Lokpal bill to wipe out the corrupt, but well, he got arrested. That, on the orders of the government. Why? He was leading the protest. He was asking the common man to join. The common man did join. He came out in the open, finally. There was a leader, to lead them, to guide them, to ensure sanity prevails. The government didn’t like this. It was scared. Their pretence of being the good people was finally busted when they opposed Anna’s valid demands. Those demands would have made every man in the political system responsible, answerable. Congress didn’t like it. But it kept pretending that it was doing for the public good. This pretence got busted today, when Anna ji was arrested. Hello Emergency.

Where is the right to freedom of speech and expression?

Where is the right against exploitation?

Also, the Indian government has recently decided to monitor what you post on Twitter and Facebook. Invades privacy, but if that is used to prevent terrorist attacks, all power to the government. But, if they misuse their power and create problems to people who have an anti stance against the government, doom entails.

Spread the word. Do your bit. Let us wipe out corruption. And the corrupt. Let’s make India corruption free. At least, let us do whatever little we can. Jaago re!