Careful Consideration

The Verge, regarding the naming of the Lumia by Nokia:

While naming its bright and colorful line of Windows Phone devices Lumia may have been an accidentally apt decision, it wasn’t perfect, and more careful consideration may have revealed the fact that the name colloquially means “prostitute” in Spanish.

This translates into the said word in a dialect that’s not widely used even in Spain, let alone elsewhere.

Perhaps a more careful consideration would have revealed the fact that The Verge translates to “the genitals” in French.

Good of the commento(e?)rs ripping them apart.


My best captures with the Nokia 808 PureView


I am an average smartphone camera user. Yes, smartphone-camera-user. I’m not even talking about the real cameras. But every now and then, I like to delight myself with how far the smartphone cameras have come. And the leader of them all, and undisputed, at that, is the Nokia 808 PureView. I had been wanting to publish my review over on the blog, but due to time constraints, I never could. But anyway, I sat around, and sorted my clicks. Here’s a few of them, and I think I love them all quite a lot. Surely my best captures with any phone I’ve ever used.